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Bahar was born 1981 in Tehran and started drawing at the age of four.

As a child she was fascinated - and at the same time overwhelmed - by the complexity of life and the world.

She wondered how this complexity could be simplified.

The answer she found: if everything was reduced to its essence, only LINES would remain.

She fell in love with this idea and our shared journey began.

We've been very close ever since.

Bahar Roshanai grew up in Tehran, Nice and Hamburg. Her musical study in piano and singing took place at the University of the Arts in Bremen, where she graduated with a diploma in 2008. Her solo album "It's still winter - piano music from the baroque to modern" was released in 2011. While studying music, she discovered her talent for synaesthetics and devoted herself to the relationship between music and the visual arts. She pursued this passion in private studies with Prof. Katharina Hinsberg, at the Free International University in Hamburg, and with Jan Köchermann and Marc Lüders. In 2015 she exhibited her first walk-in installation “The Red Thread” as part of the Bremen International Summer Academy, accompanied by the catalog “I. Lines - an ephemeral project”. In 2015-2017 she completed a private degree with Claus Haensel, for which the second catalog “II. Lines - Idiomatic Structure ”appeared. Bahar Roshanai sees herself as a draftswoman and composer at the same time.

Her works are intended as personal and subjective impressions of musical works or as graphic scores for musicians and ensembles. Since 2019 she has performed her works in live performances in various formations, thus enabling a direct interaction between music and drawing, auditory and visual art, sound and line.

In addition to her artistic work, she works as a cultural manager and lecturer in various projects promoting contemporary and transcultural music in Hamburg and Tehran.

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